16 November 2012

Don't call it a retirement

I've come to a pretty important realization over the past couple of weeks: There isn't much racing in my future.

I'm not ready to "retire" -- that's what my Dad is planning at the end of the year, after which, he's done working and will spend his days driving around in his '42 Chevy. I'm not quite that finished ... but neither do I have a plan to ramp up for 2013. In the consulting world, we had an expression: Someone was "on the beach" when they finished an engagement, before they got picked up for another one.

Right now, I'm on the beach, but my ship is coming in quickly.

In many ways, things are coming together that were set in motion more than 30 years ago. Back then, when my brother Tim and I opened our first "bike shop" in my Dad's garage, I never could have imagined that I'd get the chance to first devote my life to racing, and then use that as a stepping stone into the industry. It worked out well that I didn't come up through retail -- now, as I find myself planning for next year and beyond, I'm bringing to bear all those experiences that have shaped my adult professional life. I turn 40 next year, and I'm finally taking myself seriously.

I've got a lot to offer, and I'm more excited about what's next than I've been in a long time. What's more, this time it's different: In the past, I have capitalized on opportunities; this time around, I'm creating them. There's a satisfaction there that I didn't realize I was missing -- a lot.

My gut tells me this space will be fairly quiet for a while, though I may still break in from time to time. And like I said, I'm not done -- I'm all but signed up for BURN, and have already committed in spirit to another assault on Wausau. I'm just not sure what form my run-ups to those events will take, and what other adventures I'll be on in between.

Regardless, it's gonna' be a fun ride.

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theintospective said...

Life is ever changing.....I'm doing my best to embrace, love and learn from the changes. Change is a good thing. So..... you race less, you will get to spend time enjoying your children more and life will bring you new things and you will still show everyone else that you are an awesome guy, even if not on the saddle pushing as hard as you can during a race.