24 October 2012

Sometimes you eat Pisgah ...

... and sometimes Pisgah eats you.
Double Dare start, 2012. Eric Wever photo.
This was the weekend that wasn't. Dealing with mechanicals, a route that was more fun this year despite taking us to the same places (and getting us there more slowly), and much better weather made Double Dare 2012 a sort-of event for Greg and I. We decided to bail halfway up Pilot Mountain Road on Sunday morning, when, as Greg put it, we realized that we "stopped having fun yesterday sometime." And that was that.

I made up for it, though, sending my friends from Minnesota on a true Pisgah experience on Monday: Laurel > Pilot > SMR > abandoned logging road > Squirrel > Bradley Creek > 1206. Yes, you read that correctly. They missed a couple of turns in there. Let's just say that if DD was forgettable for us, Joshua and Scott's first-ever Pisgah ride will be one for the ages.

DuPont yesterday with them, Bearwallow today and probably a night ride tomorrow. Despite all the black clouds swirling around, this week may not be so bad after all ...

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