13 April 2012


After last week's stellar finish, you'd think I'd be riding a wave this week.

I'm not.

Instead, I'm in a serious funk. A whole lotta' personal crap all kind of happened at once on Monday, and I've spent the rest of the week floating instead of carving. Head down, trying not to make waves.

I'm pissed off, upset, sad, tired and ... did I mention pissed off already? I know it's not constructive, I know I can choose to let it go, I know I should -- but I won't. Particularly because there's a recurring theme I'm railing against, if only in my own mind, and I'd like to find a way to break the cycle. But I can't do it alone, and I don't have much support.

I'm hoping my triangle theory kicks in tomorrow: With all the personal junk, I should be flying: When all else fails, at least I (usually) have my riding. But even that's not a given right now, which should worry me more than it does, but I'm having trouble mustering the passion.

I'll tell you what, though, there have been a few bright spots. One in particular that I think caught everyone by surprise: When New Belgium Brewery announced they were opening an East Coast facility in Asheville, they specifically mentioned the outdoor recreation opportunities here, including bicycling, as a part of the attraction. Like many folks, they see the greenways over by the river and get excited ... and it's not until they spend more time here that they realize that the infrastructure doesn't really extend beyond a few short blocks. (Note the word "image" in the headline.) But their vision and passion, together with Sierra Nevada in Henderson County, may help the bicycle master plan to move closer to reality: Is it any coincidence that Asheville announced they were accepting bids to improve the River Arts District the very next day, after New Belgium's announcement?

My hope is that we as a three-county, maybe four, region finally get over our petty differences and infighting to really capitalize on everything Western North Carolina has to offer for outdoor recreation, and bicycling in particular. A certain few folks have been fighting for that for the past three decades, and there was a palpable excitement in the air at Liberty Bicycles' 32nd Anniversary party last night -- we may have finally hit a tipping point. Only time will tell, but will Daniel and Kate enjoy safe alternatives to riding their bicycles on Haywood Road and NC-280? I'd like to think we'll be here to see that come to pass, and I know I'll be doing my part to help make it happen.

Hey, I know. I'll go for a ride. Maybe that'll help me get out of this funk. "Singletrack therapy" usually does!