03 March 2012

Just ... Horrible: The Profile

A few relatively quiet moments at home for the first time in a while equals a chance to check out just how Horrible things were last weekend ...

No data beyond time and altitude, which, when you add it all together, comes out at 22,474 ft. of ascent -- give or take, of course! Total pedal time was something like 25-1/2 hours out of 31-1/2 of racing -- in hindsight, I keep telling myself I wish I could have gone for more checkpoints, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it home!

Thanks for reading along; big thanks to Clay for pushing the buttons and Eric for being agreeable! And, of course, thanks to everyone else who played the game!

Click on the profile to see the detail!

1 comment:

ExtrmTao said...

Great work on TMHTE. I am always amazed at the human form for feats such as this.

Your mental game is stronger than I would have thought.

After watching you shiver by the fire and me falling back asleep, I never would have imagined you were headed back out.

It was fun "Playing Eric" talking to you about hitting the laps on Sycamore and I was glad to be in warm bag.