16 November 2011

Gettin' in the Wood

After yesterday's titillating post, I decided to keep it clean today; you know, since the Internet is a family medium. There's a lot of questionable content out there masquerading as "art," and I was determined not to partake.

But then my father-in-law broke federal commerce rules by transporting power tools across state lines without a permit. Aided an abetted by my dad, he even smuggled in some soft-core stuff tucked inside the case, smelling strongly of two-stroke oil.

This one is for the ladies ...
It took me a minute to realize that this guy is doing everything wrong: No safety equipment, not wearing work boots, holding the saw with one hand, blade pointed at his leg ... I was worried Kim's dad had brought us some crazy snuff reading, until I looked closer.

Check out the bona fides on this guy:
Wow, you just can't go wrong with that. Only, I guess you can, as this inscription on the very first page tells us: "John would have preferred to title this booklet, 'Gettin' in the Wood,' because that is really what it is all about!"
As I learned from Farrah "Beauty" Fawcett this past weekend, it really is all about "Gettin' in the Wood." "Trees are great," she said. I'm sure she'd approve of the subtitles that pepper this little gem.
To be sure, I was reading it for the articles. But the illustrations aren't bad either ...
I was really getting into it, until I came across this -- like all good soft-core material, this one tries hard to pass as "art" as well ...
Damn. Totally ruined the mood for me. I had to put the book down. Besides, I wanted to check out my new tool:
And as stoked as I am to finally own a chain saw, I think Kate summed it up best: "I like it. It's orange."

I'll let her mother talk to her about the book.

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theintospective said...

Orange is always a good thing!