26 October 2011

Feeling weird

Weird feelings this week. Sort of ... I don't know. A lot of stuff running through my head, but a lot of stuff that needs to be done before I'm able to sort it all out via a blog entry or two.

Daniel is becoming more active each day, Kate is still adorable, and I'll be spending 30 hours in the woods this weekend. I shouldn't be this whacked. Not truly overwhelmed, but feeling close to it. Crazy part is, I've got the race stuff dialed without a second thought -- good thing, because everything else seems to be taking three times the effort.

One cool thing: Kim and I caught The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo the other night. The Swedish version, with subtitles. Disturbing, but utterly engrossing -- we were sucked in and couldn't get out. Fantastic score. I just hope Hollywood doesn't botch it up.

Oh, and last weekend was another fantastic couple of days in Pisgah. Greg suggested Turkeypen Gap Trail, which always equals at least 4 hours on the bike, especially when connected from Buckhorn Gap. They've done some work on the approach to the parking lot, installing 2x4s where some logs used to be -- for the first time, I was cleaning the drops, only to get hung up 30 feet from the end on an easy but square-edged, new piece of wood that sent me sprawling into the woods. Why is it always the simple move that gets you? Sunday was a fun trip around Bennett from Coontree arranged by Jamie of SM100 fame. Great views and good times showing a random Boilermaker around.

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bentcrank said...

It will be all good when you are in the woods.

See you this weekend.