30 September 2011

The Final Countdown

After last weekend's Def Leppard extravaganza, I've been a bit tapped out creatively -- but in honor of the fact that I once saw Europe open for Def Leppard, I figured it was about time for a "countdown" update of sorts!

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks -- "full term" in a medical sense. Sometime in the next 3 weeks -- THREE WEEKS! -- we will have another member of our family. Holy smokes.

In the meantime, we've been getting some together time, including this trip to Caesar's Head State Park, just over the border (but before you go down the hill) in South Carolina. I've ridden through here a few times now, but this was the first time we visited the overlook. It's pretty, and we're looking forward to checking out some of the hiking trails nearby when we get a chance!

One thing we haven't really done is prepare for the new arrival. I mean, yeah -- if Squirt decides to show up tomorrow, we're "ready" -- but really, we have a ton of little stuff to do for the kid. The bassinet is still in the basement, the kid's room is still holding storage, the crib isn't assembled yet ... I think both Kim and I are looking forward to maternity leave, when we'll have some time with Kate in day care and us at home with the little one.

In the meantime, though, the project list keeps growing, and trying to keep up with an almost-3-year-old ends up taking a lot more focus than we expect. Not that I'm complaining! Quite the contrary -- Kate has been in a super-good mood for a while now, and is in an awesome phase where she wants to help with everything and still (mostly) listens to her Mommy and Daddy. We visited "The Baby Place" at the hospital this week, and though I think she expected to bring home the baby at the end, she was patient and quiet throughout the hour-long group tour. I didn't once have to threaten to take her "outside!"

(By the way, for the record: Kate thinks it's going to be a girl, and we're going to name "her" Kate Lois. We keep trying to tell her that she's the only one with that name in the whole world, but darned if she doesn't want the baby named after her!)

So we're enjoying our last days as a threesome, and though we're not quite ready, we're also well aware that every expectant couple we know has popped 3 weeks early in the past month. I was expressly told not to tempt fate like this guy (delivery just days after this photo was taken) ... but then, when you get resultant adorable photos like this, how can you resist? (Yes, be sure to scroll down, past the blog header.)

Oh, and for those keeping score -- my money is on 10/18. Both Kim and her sister went into labor while a grandmother was on an airplane, and darned if Kim's mom isn't headed to Arizona soon ...

We'll keep you posted!

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Kurt said...

3 weeks!? Wow. My bet is 10/16 - my sis' bday.