07 June 2011

Signs you are (or are becoming) a Pisgah local

Random thoughts from my romp through Pisgah on Sunday. I'll add to this list from time to time, I'm sure.

  • You carry extra "required" equipment in your Camelbak on all rides, no matter how short, just in case there's a random gear check.
  • You have ridden Curtis Creek Road for any reason on any day other than the second-to-last Saturday in July.
  • You name your children after famous trails. ("Laurel," "Trace" anyone?)
  • You know where the secret beer stashes are located.
  • You can figure out Clay's adventures based on the photos he publishes, even when he's being sneaky.
  • When you see a baby bear, you don't think "awww, cute" ... you think, "oh, crap, where's momma bear?" and immediately scan your surroundings.
  • You know that Charles Frazier writes fiction, but you also know exactly the location of every place he describes in Cold Mountain and Thirteen Moons.
  • To you, "Squirrel" is not an animal.
  • But Wes is.
  • "Bent Creek" is not Pisgah. "Mills River" is not Pisgah. Only Pisgah is Pisgah. And you know what that means.

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Northstar Bikes said...

Over the past five years of riding in Pisgah four or five weekends a year I've become a local that happens to live two hours away... Great entry!