27 April 2011

A few of my favorite things ...


Usery Pass/Pass Mountain

Cholla slalom

The view from Mine Mountain (Salt River basin)

Awesome bike shop owner rides, especially when used to deliver Chipotle to the crew

Chipotle for myself

New-to-me singletrack on "Test Bikes" so I don't have to transport my own

McDowell Mountain Regional Park linked from new-to-me singletrack


The top of Mormon ... after cleaning the climb

National ... especially when it includes cleaning the descent of the upper staircase for the first time!


Cute kids

Old buildings (Really old buildings)

Gigantor plates of awesome nachos (cleaned that too)

Civil War monuments (even desecrated ones -- New Mexicans don't care much for their Texan neighbors)

Solo Civil War battlefield tours


1 comment:

Mike said...

try filiberto's if it's still open, best cal-mex fast food EVAH.
Mike Brown, who used to live in AZ before aville.