22 February 2011

YYW 3725

NC license plate YYW 3725, Red pickup truck, maybe a Dodge, black accents, rear hitch with a ball joint and that strange Kokopelli-esque deer-hunter head sticker on the rear windshield, right-hand side. Approximately 7:45 this morning on Clear Creek Road just west of Hendo, west of Howard Gap Road near Clear Creek Elementary. Just some bravado -- he got stuck behind me (because he doesn't know how to pass a bicyclist), then blew his big ol' horn at me and flew the bird as he passed -- and then almost put himself in a ditch.

Best part is, he then got stuck at a car accident site with me behind him. Rolled down his window and started yelling back at me. Typical stuff, get off the road, etc.

Him: "Get of the **** road." Maybe some other choice words.
Me (in a very loud voice, but polite): "It's legal for me to be here. If you'd like to discuss it with that nice police officer over there, I'd be happy to."
Him: More choice words.
Me: "Really, it's legal for me to be here. We can also discuss the attempted assault and harassment while we're at it."

He rolled up his window pretty quick.

No harm, no foul, but this is the best way for me to get to work via bicycle, and chances are I'll see him again. Flip side is, it was a warm and humid 50 degrees today, so much better than the 30 degrees and 16 inches of snow I left behind in Minneapolis yesterday!

Enjoy the ride!


David Johnsen said...

If you reported him to the police for harassing you and got some sort of restraining order, could the court force him to take a different route to work to avoid contact with you?

I have no idea (is there any precedent for such a ruling?), but it's interesting to think about.

Of course, at this point it would be your word against his -- the police would probably have to see it happen to get anywhere in court.

Chris said...

Dave, this was more about documenting that it happened -- look at the doctor case in California; repeat offenses do get noticed. Not to mention karma ... someone on Facebook already posted his name, address and phone.