18 November 2010

Remember this?

When the snow cleared:
Reviewing the season:
Between ORAMM, the Stage Race and Double Dare, and prepping for ORAMM, the Stage Race and Double Dare, my list of Top Rides got ticked off one after the other. I've not made it to Tsali yet, and I have yet to do Big Creek from/to the Parkway, but any way you slice it, these past 12 months have been pretty freaking awesome.

What's even better is that I find myself attempting -- and sometimes cleaning! -- stuff I wouldn't have touched 6 months ago. That first trip down Daniel Ridge with Greg, back in April? Notsomuch. The second trip, 3 hours and 30-or-so minutes into SWANK? Oh, yeah. I have a long way to go before I conquer Farlow, but for a Pisgah newbie I feel pretty good about my first year here in WNC.

And 2011? It's going to be legen ... wait for it ...

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E said...

That list is hilarious! very organized.
Big Creek is completely awesome but may be "officially" closed off the parkway right now because that section of parkway is closed for the winter.
Hit Tsali for 12 h of Tsali. Its a sweet race venue.