21 June 2010

Counting down

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of my "big" block of training ... but it wasn't.

Instead, I spent all day alternating between the couch, the bed, and the dining table, hobbling about on a bum ankle. It was a great way to spend Father's Day in an unscheduled way at home, with no riding ... and I even got ice cream.

What happened was that I rolled my ankle just 4 minutes from the end of my ride on Saturday. Not moments before, I reminded myself to be safe and just get through the end of the ride ... only to botch a small drop and misstep when I tried to save it. Ouch, that hurt. I've done this before, only this time was worse -- thankfully just minutes from the car, and I was able to jump into the river pretty quickly to start the healing. But the swelling and discoloration just got worse as yesterday wore on, so rather than risk the season with a ride, it was couch-surfing time. I'm not sure Kate knew what to do with me lying there, ankle wrapped, getting all giggly with her :-)

So I have a few easy days already scheduled, and then the season kicks off -- my first race is just 2-1/2 short weeks away. It's more of a prelude really, since the first "real" race is ORAMM two weeks after that. And after my reconnaissance of the course on Saturday, which resulted in the aforementioned twisted ankle, I can tell you that ORAMM is going to hurt. Bad. But in a good way.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be adding the 50-miler at Fool's Gold in August to the schedule, and then it's SM100 and PSR pretty much back-to-back, followed by Interbike immediately afterward. That's it, that's my life for the next 3 months -- well, that and work, starting to look for a more permanent house, meeting friends' new babies and a whole host of social events that somehow Kate gets invited to. Oh, and riding! Can't forget that ... I'll tell you that as tough as Saturday may have been, it was awesome. So awesome that it was mentioned in the latest Mountain Bike magazine, which I read at the breakfast table on Saturday before embarking on my adventure ...