18 May 2010

Long-Distance Dedication

Dear Casey:

I'm writing today to request a not-so Long Distance Dedication for my wife Kim.

You see, 17 years ago when we met, Kim and I were both headed to different colleges in different cities, and no one believed we would ever stay together -- not even us. But after nearly 3 years of letter writing, phone calls, and 5-plus hour drives to visit each other, we did stay together, and 14 years ago today -- on May 18, 1996 -- we were married in a wonderful ceremony in her hometown, surrounded by family and friends.

Though we were pretty certain we'd start our own family right away, that's not what happened, and while Kim and I followed other pursuits, we always stayed within about 50 miles of our families. Then, 17 months ago, Kim and I welcomed our daughter Kathryn into the world, and Kate quickly became a special part of the lives of her aunts and uncles, and especially her grandparents.

But as life often does, things began to change in the past year. We thought our long-distance days were behind us, but we were mistaken: I took a job halfway across the country, while Kim and Kate stayed behind. We spent the past 5 months apart, this time bridging the gap with daily text photos, e-mail, and -- just like 17 years ago -- long phone calls that lasted well into the night.

Then last week, Kim, Kate and I were reunited, this time for good in our new home town. It was just in time for Kim and I to celebrate our Anniversary, and reflect on 14 incredible years together. At the same time, I know how difficult this move is for our families, especially Kate's grandparents, and for Kim, who has always been very close to her family and is now further away than ever.

So Casey, can you please play a Long Distance Dedication for Kim and I as we celebrate 14 amazing years -- together again, at last -- while at the same time we start all over, on our own for the first time away from our families?


Hendersonville, North Carolina


mtbVegan said...

Congrats on your time together and wishing you many more happy and healthy years together as a family!

My name is Stephen said...

Cognrats! Great write up, but remember you are not alone....if you need anything, call Nolan.

Anonymous said...

So, what was played? Happy Anniversary!

韋于倫成 said...