17 May 2010

All together now (all together now)!

Lying on the living room floor yesterday, listening to the rain softly beat on the skylight, watching my daughter wander around aimlessly while dressed up in four layers topped off with a swim cover and a plastic stethoscope, had to be one of the best afternoons of my life so far. I was dealing with a bit of a sinus headache brought on by a rapid descent from the top of Caesar's Head, was worn out from 5 hours of riding through the Carolina countryside, and was perfectly content: our family is finally back together again, and Kate and I got to spend some quality daddy time while doing absolutely nothing.

We spent Mother's Day in Chicago, and then spent last Monday packing up a truck and getting ready for our big move south. Kim's sister joined us for the trip, which worked out great as I piloted the U-Haul and the K car followed not far behind. Overnight in Indy, then into the hills via Cincinnati; before I knew it we were getting unpacked with the help of some fabulous friends and coworkers. I had picked up a bit of a bug, so the rest of the week is kind of a fog, but I remember Papa's & Beer, 12 Bones, a new "bike" for Kate (www.striderbikes.com - pink of course!), Waffle House without the waffle (for shame!), lots of boxes, lots of plants, and a great feeling that it was nice to be together again. We had a fun 2-yo birthday with friends on Saturday, and then Sunday was spent doing ... nothing much. Dang it was good to be home.

Thanks again to everyone for their help through this transition. It is truly bittersweet, knowing what and who we leave behind, but we're excited to get started on this new adventure, and see what the future has in store!

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Shannon said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear that you're all together again. (As my Dad once said after a similar sort of move: Our trial separation just didn't work out. ;-)