18 April 2010

The Otter

What an amazing year at Sea Otter. To have it all come together like this for my first big show on behalf of Cane Creek was unbelievable. Great friends, great rides, great weather ... we'll be reminiscing about this one for years to come.

A couple of observations:
  • Folks in NoCal are very pushy and very self-righteous. I maybe didn't notice it so much coming from Chicago, but it is quite the culture shock coming from North Carolina.
  • We were blessed with three absolutely perfect days at the Otter. This never happens. I predict 10 years of apocolyptic strife to come. :-)
  • I was not impressed with the pro XC course. The beginner women had a more fun course than the pros. I was keen to race it next year -- now I'm not so sure.
  • Just a few months in Pisgah has changed my riding style and preferences. I used to think the Laguna Seca course was a little challenging and sort of fun, for what it is. Not anymore!
  • Folks in the bike industry are awesome. I'm so glad I've found my place among them.
  • Mary Collier is a rock star. Just wait until you see Ride the Divide. It will move you to tears.
  • A few years back, watching the sun set over Monterey Bay, I reflected that I "had" to go home to Chicago. As much fun as this week has been, I have to admit that I can't wait to get back to Asheville. I think I've found a home.

Safe travels to all my bike-geek Friends -- see you at Interbike!