21 June 2007

Yes you do

Two hours this morning on the Lakefront Path, cruising along with Sean (getting ready for tomorrow at the track) and then losing the Commuter Cup to a guy from U of C and another firefighter/TT guy on a brand-new Felt with 404s. Hey, where were you two last night on Turin?

Rolled into work a bit late, probably 9:05 or so. Open the back door, see a big guy in a suit waiting for the elevator. Doors open.

"Fourth floor? You look like a fourth floor type."

"Yeah, that's me. You can tell when your clothes match the van parked out front."

"How was the ride?"

"Oh, it was great, thanks. Beautiful day for it."

"Yeah, I wouldn't know. I sure wish I had your life!"

And then he was gone, since he was a second-floor type.


Anonymous said...

ummmm I'm on the second floor. I've got 6651 kms and I am more free than you : )


~V said...

Happy Summer Solstice, Chris.
Blessings of the waning sun as we move toward the harvest season.
Haven't written in a while, but I really enjoy your posts.

I hope that you and Kim have a great summer.

Hugs & blessings.

Anonymous said...

I'm down the street, have a crit bike signed by Jonas Carney and have decent results as a Cat IV. I could probably smoke you on Turin as you are an endurance guy while I can sprint the bejesus out of most industry guys like yourself.


Anonymous said...

I work at a retailer near North/Clybourn. I have a decent commute from the North side and have passed you several times. I know it's not a race to work, but it's worth mentioning to your readers.

I'm usually in my Ibanesto jersey.


chiefhiawatha said...


are you aware that Turin is longer than 15-20 seconds?

Anonymous said...


You mean your gas station & red light stops or the whole ride. I'm takin scalps on the laketrail if you ever see me. I'm not tryin to be a dick, I can just sprint fast.


PS-The Indians lost.

Anonymous said...

Boys...I only meant an inside joke as we are friends and I ride a bunch, race some and I AM on the second floor. Go for a ride . . . fogetabotit.


Anonymous said...


You started this throw down by claiming you have all the freedom of Chris Strout...and then some.?!?! Hey, just what they heck do you mean, JO? You can't get out of this now....you made a threat.

Let's settle this once and for all (word deleted by author).

I will be commuting home tonite in bib shorts and a Kleenex Brand Jersey. Get ready to put your mouth where I say.



Chris said...

Geez, what do you guys think this is? Mountaingoat News or something?

chiefhiawatha said...

This is great stuff! Let's race on the lakefront trail! Taking scalps on the lakefront trail! You have made my day.