22 June 2007

Something in the air

Constant comments: It's either something in the air or the water. It's that time of year, everyone is throwing down, verbally, physically, mentally. Just remember we all look goofy wearing Lycra.

Murphy at work: In an effort to make the UPS man deliver faster, I worked from home today. And it worked -- just got word that my package has arrived. At the office. And I'm at home. Nine miles away. Crap.

I'll make you famous: Did you hear there's going to be a Superweek stage in Evanston?

Big green blob: My super-secret training may be a bit delayed tomorrow morning; there's a big green blob off to the west. Although it's breaking up as it hits the easterly winds and dry air surrounding Chicago, there's a good chance the rain will push through enough to get us wet this evening, and make the trails a bit damp. Hopefully we'll have some sun and wind to dry them out pretty quickly tomorrow ...

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mountaingoat said...

Actually I look pretty good wearing Lycra.