23 June 2007

Part the first

First part of my super-secret training done. Second starts in 4 hours. So far, so good - I have never felt better fitness-wise, and I have never had a bike this dialed. Only one slight tree-hugging moment, and tons of slippery rock and root practice. If all goes well later, go time will be confirmed ...

Why do three laps in April feel so bad, and three in June feel so good?!

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Anonymous said...

Geez - lots happening while I was away. Superweek in Evanston, more bike racing in Chicago in 08, Commuter Cups, how much more? Thanks for the props Chris - we're at ADA (American Diabetes Assoc) in Chicago and living the lives of rock stars. Back to real life next week but I'll be back on group rides soon enough. See you soon!