07 June 2007

Coolest job in the world

My day:
  1. Dress in shorts and a t-shirt for work. Consider wearing sandles, opt for shoes and bike socks in case it rains on the way home
  2. Hit Starbucks for an iced decaf Americano on the way to the office
  3. Conference call with Zambia to discuss ways to expand our programs
  4. Make the connection between two advocacy leaders at two bike industry giants
  5. Make a quick run to storage to get parts for two Africa bikes
  6. Trade e-mails with coworkers about the race this weekend
  7. 90-minute ride with a couple of coworkers
  8. Eat lunch
  9. Read cyclingnews.com ... for work

And it's only 2 p.m. I may still have time to strip down and rebuild my Specialized road bike before I go home; if not, it will still be here tomorrow.

You know you've got it good when you basically do what you would do anyway, and they pay you for it.


Eric said...

Were you on the LF path in SRAM colors around 1 PM? I passed a group while I was chugging into a headwind. I was doing 12 mph. The SRAM possee was going the other direction at 30 mph. Nice wind.

PS - Regarding the post... you suck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

I never told you that you could strip down your Specialized in the office....could you drop what you are doing and come in here?


Your Boss