24 May 2007

What he said

Is this what they call "situational irony?"

Walter Godefroot, head of powerhouse Team Telekom in the mid-90s, says this yesterday in regards to a tell-all book that details EPO use in the team:
"Dietz [a rider who admitted to EPO on German television in light of the book] was paid to say that. If Erik Zabel said something like that, it would be a different matter."
Um ... guess who came clean today?

This is all getting so pathetic.


mountaingoat said...

Wow, so the question is, who wasn't doping?

joeyTWOwheels said...

No kidding, Mountaingoat. Seems they all were.

In '02 my wife and I hit the TdF and before a stage I hung out with the likes of Dirk Demol, Tyler, Levi, George, Axel, etc. I brought a poster and had riders sign it - about 30 in all. Then I took shots of their numbers as they rode away. It's pretty cool.

And now worthless to me.

Dopers suck. The contaminated my good times, albeit years later.


- jd

chiefhiawatha said...

It was not exactly a secret that guys were doping, and so now when I see them coming clean I see it as a good thing, even if forced to come clean by others admitting first.

Chris said...

I think where there is an emotional element still to this is that the "nice guys" are now either getting busted or admitting to it. I think that's what's so hard for folks on this side of the pond to accept. The attitudes in Europe are very different.

mountaingoat said...

I don't know who to root for now. Maybe I'll skip watching the tour this July and ride my bike more.