29 May 2007

My ovaries are screaming

Lotsa links today.
  • Most children look like plucked chickens when they're first born. Not so, Katie and Pat. Dang, Joe, they're so adorable!
  • Photos posted from Saturday here. It's a little blurry, but check out the one on the top of page 4 -- yes, that's a smile on my face, it was so much fun out there!
  • Got some great advice and feedback on my race on Saturday. Thank you!
  • Looks like Lee from the 6-hour and I on the same schedule: my recovery was 3 hours at Kettle yesterday. But it was so much fun!
  • Sometimes dealing with coworkers is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately for her, sometimes it's reality too. Good luck today!

Sorry about the cryptic post yesterday morning -- it was super-early, and my mind just would not shut off. Must have been the Diet Coke I drank at a party on Sunday night, too much caffene.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Thanks, Chris. I've got to give all the credit to Stacey. She's the real looker.

Congrats on your big win. I agree with you about the marathon race scene. It's just like the MTB races, but even more laid back. Especially the 24-hour races.

Anonymous said...

Cryptic posting? Made sense to me !! cheers Ian :-)