10 May 2007

Hey, Assman!

I'll admit it: I've become an ass man.

Let's face it, there are really only two reasons guys go to the lakefront in the evenings, especially on a bike. It's crowded, it's goofy, and it all comes down to the scenery. What I've realized since starting to ride downtown again, is that I've got a new appreciation for butts.

Now, this isn't an entirely prurient interest. See, when you're cruising along, even at an easy pace, you need to be on constant lookout for the errant runner (with headphones), the crazy rollerblader, the clueless cyclist. And in a trick borrowed from my days playing defense, I keep my eyes glued to the sea of rear ends ahead of me -- often it's the hips that will first broadcast a sudden movement into your safety zone. Only by becoming an ass man have I been able to save myself and prevent some catastrophic crashes.

So next time you see me on the path, give a shout. I'm the Assman!

Training update: Just who are the people in your neighborhood? Yesterday was crazy, I saw two people from work and about 5 others on the way in whom I know, all on the path. Today I started with the early morning group ride, then cruised down the path again, this time not seeing anyone. I'm done with the efforts for the week -- tomorrow is a well-earned easy day, then it's back at it for the weekend with back-to-back hard days. No racing: I don't race Mother's Day weekend. But next week will make up for it, with Wednesday being my first assault on the Bone Ride ...

Sound off: I've said it before, I get flak just because I wear lycra. Damn all the idiots out there doing their TT workouts in the evenings. Be smart.


Samuel said...
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Samuel said...

Hey Chris,
I actually saw you two times yesterday. In the monring up at Ba'Hai when I was heading south when you were heading north with Lou & crew and then again in the evening on the path at Ohio Street Beach.

Chris said...

Yeah, that was me. Sorry I didn't say so -- it was just weird that a couple of people from work came up to me to tell me they saw me, and then I saw one guy I used to ride with like 3 years ago -- I haven't seen him in forever!

Samuel said...

I think were on a similar commuting schedule. Etown to the city and back?