17 May 2007


Kim tells me that when I fell asleep last night, it was the loudest and deepest she'd ever heard me breathe. After four nights in a row of waking up at 3:30 because of illness, then getting up at 4 yesterday, and then, say, doing a 250km ride, I can see why I was a little tired.

Day started at 4, met up with coworkers at Howard Street parking garage at 4:45. Best moment: some dude whips his Honda Civic into the garage, distracted by us, and hops the curb hard, blowing off a hubcap and then accelerating up the ramp. Very strange, very surreal at that time of the morning.

Then it was off to Wauwatosa for the Bone Ride -- 250km round trip to downtown Madison and back. Nasty NW headwind all the way out, beautiful weather in Madison, the NW tailwind to start ... until the last 2 hours, which were a block headwind from the east! Welcome to the Midwest, baby!

Ride time was something like 7 hours, 45 minutes. (Yes, that's 6 hours of headwind for those keeping score.) I saw this guy in Madison, and her husband did the "Full Bone" with us, but I think most WORS racers took the lead from this guy and skipped it to get ready for Geneva. (Besides, who wants to hang out with roadies for 8 hours? :-) )The ride itself was pretty fun, rolling along between 30 and 40kph, two abreast, taking pulls then dropping back into the pack. We started with 90 people, picked up 60 more or so in Pewaukee, split into groups, and then our group rolled with about 25 or 30 on the way back.

I've done long days like this before, usually starting the day with a group ride and then finishing solo -- most often, out in the desert when visiting Kelli and the gang in Phoenix. Big difference, though, in Wisconsin -- because of the wind, and the lack of elevation change, you're pedaling the whole time. At least in Arizona I had the benefit of 5-10-15 minute descents (even one 30-minute monster) to recover a bit. All day yesterday, even in the draft, you're turning over the pedals, and the most you can do is find a slight downhill to stand up, stretch the back, and rest the crotch. Otherwise, it's butt in the saddle, turning and churning ...

Overall, I felt pretty good, burning a match early for a bio break that had me chasing back, and then finding myself in the draft both times we motorpaced for a stretch. Then, somehow, I happened to be on the front both times we were instructed to close the gap to the group in front of us ... my legs were a bit heavy coming out of Madison, and it took a while to get them moving again ... it didn't help I was pared with a guy training for TT Natz ... Best pull was between 6:58 and 7:15 in the ride, does this mean I should be thinking about 12-hour races?

R&R today and tomorrow, massage and test the new setup at Palos on Saturday, work an event Saturday night, then it's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-time on Sunday ...

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fasterjim said...


Awesome effort. Yes, you should be thinking about 12 hour races, who wants to go fast for only an hour anyways... ;)