14 April 2007

Class acts

First, let me just say thanks to Anonymous for calling me out. (Irony anyone?) It wasn't my intent to label anyone, or any class of people, in a previous post, and I can see how it can be taken that way. My bad.

In fact, I would like to call out the tops of the MTB world here instead: holy crap these people are cool. I have spent so much time explaining World Bicycle Relief to the elite of the MTB world in the past 2 days, and to a person, they get it. And they support it. And they want to help. It is SO awesome.

I mean, most of you know I only started mountain biking after seeing Off-Road to Athens. Of the four men profiled in that movie, two are now on TREK-associated teams, both of which have the World Bicycle Relief logo on the back of their jersey. And of those two, I had dinner last night with one and we talked about our projects, and one went out of his way yesterday to seek us out to offer to help in any way he can.

I've also had other racers, and even racers' wives, go out of their way to check in on us. We're talking major class here.

We have made a lot of great connections this weekend so far, especially on the racing side and also in the industry. These people are a class act, and I'm super-stoked to be associated with them.

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mountaingoat said...

You were labeling people in that post? Seemed to me you were talking about your change of jobs and the social work environments. Nothing wrong with pointing out differences.