06 April 2007

At what point do you just stop?

Wow. This is interesting. I'm firmly of the belief that anti-homosexual sentiment is the new (accepted) racism in this country. To most people, it's OK to "gay bash" -- what is shocking to me is that no one wants to take a step back and listen to themselves: much of the rhetoric used by anti-gay folks is the exact same language used to justify race inequality. Very scary.

So in that vein, check this out: an army recruiter responds to a resume on Careerbuilder. The resume postee admittedly does a bit of baiting, at first pretty innocuous. Watch what happens:

The Army recruiter vs. the gay man


mountaingoat said...

Nice representative of the Armed forces. If you don't like something just leave it be. I love it when stupid people affirm their ignorance.

David Johnsen said...

I like the way the sergeant's racism comes to the surface in the last message. As offensive as this exchange is, it's still not as bad as the recruiters who got caught last year telling potential enlistees that we aren't sending troops to Iraq anymore. I think the stress of trying to get people to fight in an unpopular war is bringing out the worst in all recruiters.

Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone is bigoted I always like to just go ahead and call them an asshole.

Ted A.