14 March 2007


So what do you do when it's mid-70s in March? RIDE, baby, RIDE!

Good ride into work yesterday on the new team bike, mid-50s and loving it. Form sprint day, so a couple of small efforts just to get back into the rhythm. Watch out -- a) this new bike is super-stiff; and b) I'm riding a lot with a pack on my back ... once it comes off, I hope to be flying!

So the temps go up and our office is super-warm. I check my e-mail: an offer to go on a lunch ride with Chris McNally, one of the team sponsors. Lunch ride? Hell yeah!

I've never been on one before, but let me tell you, it's awesome. I met Chris at Diversey and Halsted, and we took off for the lake path. I warned him about some glass I had discovered on my way in (prophetically, as it turned out), and then we were off and running. Such a beautiful day!

Unfortunately, Chris' day ended as we turned to go up past the Shedd ... busted chain. Ouch! He cabbed it home, I continued on, then turned around and headed back. The glass came back to haunt me -- flat at Oak Street, with a CO2 dispenser that just didn't want to work. It took about 5 minutes just to get enough gas to ride on, and my rear was a bit squishy on the final stretch ...

What a great way to spend my lunch hour though! Definitely will do it again soon ... nothing can compare to getting out and just riding. The ride home was awesome too, three rides in one day, woo-hoo!

Today is another three-fer -- morning ride with 2x threshold, lunch run (weather coming in), then ride home in the rain. Tomorrow rest up ... camp is on the horizon!


joeyTWOwheels said...

When it's mid 70s in March where I live I'd call it a normal day!

Enjoy the weather.

- jd

EricG said...

I believe I saw one of the Metlife SystemSix steeds while a teammate and I were resolving a... uh... spoke issue at the Pony Shop last Friday. We were both... um... too sick to work. Cough.

Bee-you-ti-ful bikes. Now.. make sure you put a nice, big name decal on that top tube so that budding masters riders know who to draft.

Cheers - Eric G - TCBM