19 March 2007

The route

Finished camp on a high note yesterday, with a great ride through bucolic cheesy countryside: Delevan straight north to Palmyra on an easy tailwind, then out via the Tamarack Road climb and east to East Troy via Bluff Road. Unfortunately, Pat broke a spoke somewhere near the top of Tamarack, so instead of the Spring Prairie-Lyons route back, we opted for the straight-on Alpine course/south route that served us well on Friday. Still fun, still challenging, and great to top it off with a fairly easy spin around Lake Delevan.

Lake Lawn turned out to be a great place to stage from -- now I'm half considering driving up to do an epic one-day monster: Delevan-Palmyra-East Troy-Alpine Valley-Spring Prairie-Lyons-Lake Geneva lake loop-Delevan lake loop. How viscious would that be? Jeremy, you in?


mountaingoat said...

Dude you don't even have to ask if I'm in, just tell me what day to show up.

joeyTWOwheels said...

wow, sounds epic. what will the elevation gain be?

i'm jealous you're getting in all this riding. sounds like a fun camp!

- jd