12 March 2007

The places I've been

OK, this is just friggin' weird.

Most of my friends have heard my theory about how "the world revolves around me." Not in a conceited, I'm-all-that sort of way -- more in the wow, isn't that a weird coincidence sort of way. It's usually little things -- I'll get turned onto something that will then appear in my life in another way. Or I'll talk about a person I haven't seen in 10 years or so, and that person will then suddenly appear on the street one day. Only thing is, I don't believe in coincidences.

And this takes the cake.

I'm convinced -- have been for a long time -- that the Chicago Tribune travel section and I have some sort of twisted mindshare going on. Race in St. Louis over Labor Day? Sure enough, a story in the Trib about the virtues of our southern neighbor later that week. Travel to Iowa for Memorial Day? Yup, they covered the Quad Cities area in late May a year or two ago. Paris? Check. Munich, within days. Business trip to London? Yes. Even one-off trips aren't immune ... our visit to Toronto -- during a cold Thanksgiving a few years ago, mind you! -- somehow generated the obligatory Tribune "coverage."

I want out.

The latest happened this morning, and it's gotten to the point that it's really freaking me out. See, Pat and Chris McNally, the organizers of the MetLife team, have put together a training camp this weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Five days of rural Wisconsin roads and hills (I'll be there for two, Saturday and Sunday) is the perfect way to jump-start early season fitness that will carry through to August and beyond.

So yesterday, Pat sends out an e-mail with a training schedule and lodging information. Seems he's found a nice little place in nearby Delavan with full buffet and decent rooms. The name? Lake Lawn Resort. Sounds nice enough, right?

Well, you guessed it ... A new-look rustic at Wisconsin resort appeared on the front page when I checked chicagotribune.com this morning. Now you tell me -- really, what are the chances that the Trib picks the middle of March to publish a story about an out-of-the-way resort in a po-dunk Wisconsin town? The place where I'll be in 5 days?

Can it really be just a coincidence?


Jamie Ingalls said...

You should check out www.thesecret.tv - the law of attraction explains the "coincidences".

Kim said...

I would want off that ride! ;)