23 March 2007

No wind!

Awesome morning on the way to work today -- no wind! I was cruising along at about 32kph with no problem -- very cool way to start a long weekend!

I think I've decided I need to stop reading other people's blogs. Especially this guy. I don't know that I've quite come to grips with the fact that I'm not riding/training nearly as much as I used to ... I suppose it all only matters when I line up and the gun goes off, but two hill climb workouts in a day? He's going to kick my ass at Geneva ...

Then again, I get to do a little world saving every day ... so it's not all bad.

Let's see ... commute home with a little extra tonight (weather dependent), maybe sit in on Judson tomorrow to get the miles but not tax the legs (weather dependent), and then hit out on Sunday at Parkside -- it's been a while since I've done a "fitness test," and what better place to do it than in a race that really doesn't count? Plus, Kim and I are going to try to hit Beat Kitchen for the show on Saturday afternoon -- the a/a scene is a bit young for us, but is probably a good way to introduce Kim to the non-arena world. I mean, let's face it -- she can probably kick the snot out of any snively little teenager in the place!

OH! BIG shout out to Lou and the gang (again!) -- I completely roached my PowerTap wheel last week after a year-plus of abuse ... Lou built a new one, and talked me into the ceramic upgrade ... it is so buttery ... I think it's worth at least 50 watts, right?

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chiefhiawatha said...

I was going through bearings on my powertap seeming 3-4x a year. It was never smooth, even when new. Lou convinced me to go with ceramics for the durability. The PERFECT smoothness lasted for over a year! Just this weekend the hub developed some lateral play, and was gritty as hell. Lou replaced the cones, and boom, perfect again. The balls are so hard that they remained perfect. Glad I did it.