13 February 2007

Oh, the humanity!

Flipped on WGN this morning before heading out to work, and Judy Garcia was astonished that -- GASP! -- people will actually be riding their bikes to work today! I was, like, oh-my-gawd, how could anyone be so crazy?!

Seriously, though -- there's a full-on blizzard going south of the city, and here in Chicago we've got blowing snow, nasty winds, and more snow on the way. (Freudian typo: I just typed "more snot on the way.") I chose to ride the L -- coming in wasn't so bad; the trip home may be super nasty.

Check out this observation from Andrew Hood in a recent article on VeloNews.com about Tyler Hamilton's return to racing:
It was later revealed that blood tests taken after his time trial victory in stage 8 showed evidence of homologous blood transfusions and the presence of foreign blood cells within his system. Sadly, Hamilton's last day as a pro serves as a painful reminder of just what the sport has suffered through in recent years. That day's stage was won by Roberto Heras (stripped of the 2005 Vuelta title and suspended for EPO), who knocked Floyd Landis (facing the loss of the 2006 Tour de France title on a testosterone charge) out of the leader's jersey. Finishing second that day was Santiago Perez (suspended for blood doping), who finished ahead of third-placed Francisco Mancebo (named in Operation Puerto and ejected from the 2006 Tour).

Yeah, yeah, doping in the peloton is nothing new. But I don't care who you are, this sort of crap just sucks.



fasterjim said...

Amen, brother.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Man, that is one crazy stat. Dopers Suck, that is for sure.

Have you see the Ride Clean campaign? I bought some socks:

David Johnsen said...

I was wondering if you were out there today. Being "tough" aside, there are some days when it just isn't worth the risk, like when cars are sliding all over the place. Motorists barely avoid killing us when they have traction.