17 February 2007

Kid = Candy

From where I'm sitting at this very moment, eating my free food and drinking my free root beer from my free pint glass, I can see the all-carbon Scott complete with SRAM TT gear; a Salsa with SRAM Force; a full brace of Velocity rims; a rack of SixSixOne gloves, helmets and shoes; the entire range of Salsa bikes; everything Thule under the sun; and what looks like miles and miles of product in the QBP warehouse. It may have been a long, long day -- but this is the ultimate payback.

I'm at QBP for FrostBike, the annual gathering of some of the biggest and best retailers and the best and brightest suppliers. "Q" is the largest distributor of bicycle parts, and has everyone up to their base in February each year for a sort of season kick-off. And I mean everyone -- if Q's got it, or you buy it, you're here.

So, yeah, I'm working hard -- but man, it's pretty cool when you get to look at bike porn all day. And to think this is just an appetizer of the warm weather and beautiful sunshine that awaits me in California ...



Shannon said...

Sounds rough.

I was talking to a friend in CA yesterday, and he said it was a bit warm yesterday... 86 or so. Sure you won't miss a nice refreshing -15 wind chill?

fasterjim said...

Lucky dog.

joeyTWOwheels said...

love the tt finish. cali is wide open. enjoy!

chiefhiawatha said...

kid = candy ?

that doesn't make any sense