07 February 2007

Holy crap

Wow. Color me ... WHITE! Donovan connects with Conrad on a corner to go up 1-nil, and then in the 92nd minute outruns the entire Mexican team -- including the goalie -- to score a solo shot to go up 2-0!!! That's 9 games -- 8 years of playing -- that have seen the Mexican team completely shut out on U.S. soil. WOW.

Man of the match for me has to be the U.S. keeper. Howard had a killer game, stopping shot after shot in the second half to preserve the clean sheet. Just amazing.

Now, would U.S.A. Soccer PLEASE remove the "interim" title from Bob Bradley? HE'S THE COACH. JUST WATCH HIM WIN!!!!

(Oh, and would ESPN please dump Bruce Arena. He sucked as a coach, he's worse as a commentator. GET RID OF HIM!)

Time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

That was a sweet 2nd goal. Bradley deserve to be head coach. Ian