11 February 2007


Quick update -- great day out at Palos today. Lots of log practice.

I didn't end up doing the cemetery loop; I opted to head across the street and along the Crucible toward Swallow Cliffs. I was having fun ... until right after the underpass.

I knew from Out & Back and One-Day Trail that the ATVs had been in the area. I had heard about the police presence and had seen some of their tracks on my previous couple of rides. But nothing -- NOTHING -- prepared me for what I saw over on the other side of 104th Ave.

Words cannot describe it. I wish I had a camera -- the entire area is destroyed. Not a little -- completely wiped out. If there was singletrack there before, it is gone -- probably forever. The closest thing I can liken it to is images from the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, when German Panzers and American main battle tanks squared off in the middle of the Ardennes -- the forests were decimated.

I almost started to cry. I think those trails might have been illegal, but that doesn't forgive the destruction I saw out there. If we don't respect the world around us, what do we respect?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, the damage might be working being done by the FP to install bridges. Looks like they are working on the orange trail (Gravity Cavity). Check out the CAMBR message board where there are some words about the work in a couple threads.

Chris said...

I saw that later last night -- that covers some of the damage at Out & Back and Gravity Cavity in the part we usually ride. The stuff to the east was pretty hardcore, though -- I can't imagine it was legal, but maybe they were putting some earthmoving equipment in there?

Anonymous said...

I think the ATV guys think of that as their spot since they've been roosting it up out there for years. Most of them ride out from Keane. After a "discussion"about who gets to ride where, one of em punched my buddy in the head and then jumped into his truck for a get-away with his young son. Good fatherly example. Anyway, as long as they confine their off road riding to the area between Lagrange and 104th avenue, it won't affect us much. But if they start going West of 104th avenue, we have a problem.