18 January 2007

Your what hurts?

Cyclingnews.com is reporting that Roger Hammond has issues with 'cross:
Hammond made it clear that this level of competition doesn't suit him. "I don't know what the UCI is trying to do to cyclo-cross but they're making it for pure cyclo-cross riders. But to cross over like me it's hard; to me, they are killing it… I can't do this anymore, it's just waste of my time," complained Hammond.

Now, the lead-in on the main page and the start of the story make it sound like he's fed up with the sport. If you read deeper, he's ticked at the UCI for dropping the roll-over points system. Check out his ideas and reasons ...



Joe said...

He has some good points. But if he is allowed to carry over points or use his road points, then isn't he just displacing someone who's just as good (or close to his skill level)?

His national race looked like a disaster. Can't believe he got caught up in that tape!

Anonymous said...

Fuck that Limey prick! 'Cross has come way too far to just go back and make it easy for a guy who wants to start on the front row for the 4 races he'll do. What a douche. If he wants a good start position, then he should pony up like the rest of us and do a full 'cross season. 'Cross isn't just for training anymore. This sport is big enough now that guys make a living off it. The current points system is fine. Yeah, maybe a few guys benefit from doing more races, but generally it rewards the strongest most consistent riders. He's just pissed he can't ride without getting tape stuck in his wheel.