11 January 2007

Where's Olive?

Kim and I received NetFlix as a Christmas gift this year, and I immediately built up a list of 253 titles in our "Q" -- talk about perfect timing not to have a job! I figure, even if we average four movies a week, we're still looking at March of 2008 before we run out ... and that's not including all the new releases we're sure to see!

We're on movie #3, and if you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet -- go out and get it. We've only seen half of it, but it had us rolling on the floor laughing last night, and quoting lines to each other as we laid in bed before falling asleep. It's a sick and twisted comedy (definitely not for children!), sort of like American Beauty meets Napolean Dynamite meets "Malcom in the Middle."

Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin (who plays his father) are awesome, as are Steve Carell and Toni Collette as brother and sister ... the interplay between the sextet of disfunctional family members (the brother and sister duo of Paul Dano and Abigail Breslin are incredible, each to themselves ...) is so perfectly written, and so perfectly played, that I felt like I was 13 again listening to my parents play off each other's insecurities. It's such a funny, sick, fabulous movie!

"Stuck in L" was the headline in today's Red Eye. Geez, people, buy a bike. The L needs to be upgraded, and 20 months of pain now will make our lives so much better as we begin the next decade (relatively recent reconstruction on the Kennedy and Dan Ryan have proven that!). Suck it up and find other ways to get to work!



velogrrl said...

I just watched that movie Tuesday night and I too was rolling on the floor! (Literally, since I was already lying on the floor watching it!) Quite a movie. Very funny.

The bad part about watching that particular movie that day was that I had just had oral surgery earlier that day and I was laughing so hard it really hurt. I thought I was going to pop the stitches! Owww!

I also watched "The Inconvenient Truth" last night because you recommended it in your blog last week. Thanks, that was a real eye-opener.

Chris said...

Yeah, Little Miss Sunshine with broken ribs wasn't the best idea. But it's worth it!

Joe said...

LMS is on my list to own, for sure. There's a yellowish VW bus down the block and Stacey and I often recall the movie at its sight.