10 January 2007


Where did this cold come from? I can't really complain -- after all, it's already January 10, and this is only my first sub-30-degree ride -- but man did it bite this morning! My cheeks still feel a bit rosy ...

Plus, the cold coincided with my first threshold workout of the year. 2x10 minutes at +/- 10% of what I think is my threshold (I do a power test in a few days). Holy cow, did that hurt. I hope it was the cold and the layers of clothing, 'cause if I'm only pushing that many watts at threshold, I'm going to be HURTING bad once the season starts! Thank goodness there's still plenty of time to work on it ... isn't there?

Traveling man: So the coolest weekend/week of my professional life is almost set. I leave for a vendor show on Friday night, spend all day Saturday talking with dealers, my boss is the keynote speaker on Saturday evening, fly to San Francisco on Sunday, hang out all day at the Tour of California expo, maybe take part in a product launch Sunday night/Monday, then continue to hang out all week at the Tour until the finish in Long Beach the following Sunday. For work. I get to talk about World Bicycle Relief the whole time. Have I mentioned that I love my job?!

Almost famous: Let the industry vendor calls begin ...


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