28 January 2007

Don't Treat Me Bad ... My Cherry Pie

Did the responsible thing yesterday and skipped Palos -- it was 30-32 degrees, right at that freezing point that probably meant the trails were wet from melting snowpack. So I went up to Pets instead ... big advantage there, as I pass no fewer than 3 Starbucks on the way to and from!

(The route to Palos has a DD I have to detour to get to, with the slowest drive-thru in the world, and gas station coffee for the drive home ...)

It was OK up there, a few degrees cooler and a whole lot more snow. Since I don't know Pets that well, I spent 45 minutes fighting my way through deep drifts, only to discover the only ridable section along the river, just out from the parking lot! It wasn't much, but it made the trip worthwhile to do a bit of bedding in on my new brakes ... man, some days it's pretty awesome to work at SRAM ...

Today's going to be a little rough -- Kim and I got home barely 5 hours ago from our descent straight into the bowels of 80s hair bands ... Warrant and Firehouse at Austin's Saloon in Libertyville. "How you feelin' tonight Illinois?!?!?!!!!" I thought Sammy Hagar circa 1988 had died and channeled himself into Warrant's lead singer, who gave us the silent 3-finger rock salute and everything! Man, it was a night full of leather pants, mullets and WAY too much hairspray!



mountaingoat said...

Should have called me. I could have told you Pets may not be that good. Palos was solid until the sun peeked out at noon, otherwise just a little icy.

Chris said...

Somehow I figured you wouldn't be awake at 6 a.m. when I was leaving the house ... Palos was icy as sh*t today, the warmup and then flash freeze really made things slick!

mountaingoat said...

I'm up by 5am most everyday.

Chris said...

Awesome! Which speed dial # do you want on my new phone?