26 January 2007


OK, so I'm not naive enough to believe there are no drugs in cycling. But from last July to now, I'm just so disenchanted with the whole pro road scene -- it's just not fun for me to follow anymore. I think I'll just go ride my Rush at Palos and try to forget the whole Euro thing for a while.




Anonymous said...

Stop letting Jay Mariotti write your blog entries. You're above dissing Hammond too. He's a top level pro and you're a blogger.

Keep it real.

Anonymous said...

More on Hammond:

Whoever wrote the "limey prick" comment needs their head examined. He podium'd Paris Roubaix......nuff said. If you're an amateur and dis someone like Roger, you're a big dork.

And who's making a living off of cross in the US? Please tell me.

David Johnsen said...

I know what you mean, Chris. I used to start checking cyclingnews.com every day at 4:30 PM to see if the next day's news was posted yet. But lately I have been visiting the site so infrequently that I've missed a few days of news that have been bumped from the homepage. Whenever I do read the news, there's always a new doping scandal or an old one that won't go away. My interest as a fan is fading fast.

Chris said...

It's funny, it seems that "anonymous" is talking about himself. Hammond is a class act -- there's no dis in what I wrote, in fact I was pissed at cyclingnews for the way they headlined it, not what he had to say. Go back and re-read what I wrote. Agreed that the comment is uncalled-for -- I hadn't seen it until just now.

Who is Jay Mariotti?

Anonymous said...


They are ALL on drugs. I've been saying that for decades, literally. The human body cannot do what they do without them, sorry : (


Anonymous said...

Just go dose X and join the party...Your what hurts?