15 January 2007

Blog roll

I'm pretty fried from 20+ hours of video editing for work this weekend -- I don't know how she does it, but I do know that a whole lotta' RAM is a must! My computer almost had smoke coming out of it last night, and the video is only 3 minutes and 45 seconds! And it's not even "real" -- this is just a mock-up I made with Windows Movie Maker so I can share it with a real editor who will make it look super-cool.

I do have to say, though, it's pretty sweet -- there's only about a minute of narrative, split between two, 30-second sections, that's how powerful the ambient noise and the pictures are. Plus, I found some really neat royalty-free African percussion music that really seals the deal.

So for lack of anything interesting in my brain, here's a quick blog roll to keep you occupied this morning:

Renee: Check out the sweet bridge they built for the Capital Square Sprints up in Madison this weekend. For a ski race they had to truck in snow for. They do the same thing in Euro 'cross races ... hmmmm ... Angell Park anyone?

Mountaingoat: The big M told me about his plans for next year when we rode a couple of weeks back. I hear my coworker is part of this gig too. (She's also a faster Monday-morning blogger than me. Who is listening to some sick tunes over there today, good thing she's alone!) I have to say, I really admire his plans for a junior squad.

Joe: Gettin' closer, and hitting some "sweet" urban singletrack down in Austin. I think Tristan and Brian would feel right at home ...

Speaking of Tristan: He's still training, and getting ready to leave. Good on ya'!

Nice coconuts: Check out Amy's pic and description of the ukelele lady at Natz. Priceless!

Off we go ... Big changes in the Michigan scene next year. It'll be interesting when Jeff gets a job to see if he needs to change his priorities too ... I know I have!


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mountaingoat said...

Windows Movie Maker drives me nuts. If you are going to do more video in the future go with Ulead. I have a few of their programs and they just kill it.