22 January 2007

Awesome weekend

What an awesome weekend! 3 hours yesterday at Palos, a fresh 2 inches of powder on the ground -- it was sorta' like skiing, mostly just a fantastic mountain bike ride ... it felt SO good to get out there again, it's been way too long. John was nice to me, didn't beat me up too badly. Man, I can't wait to go again!

So I think JPE and the Wisco organizers may need to re-think their planning meeting/banquet date ... how many folks will be there given yesterday's developments? Sure, everyone in Wisconsin may have green (and yellow) blood, but still!



mountaingoat said...

So...what tattoo did you get? Or is it on that special place where only Kim is allowed to see?

chiefhiawatha said...

I think he got the letter W and half the letter B, and then ran out of space before he could get the letter R even started. At least that what Mosk tells me.

Chris said...

Since it's in the place only Mosk is allowed to see, he would know.

Joe said...

You're certainly a MTBer now with tatts and the like.