12 December 2006

Weather wuss

I have been decidedly ambivalent about my training this week. I realize that Natz is only 3 days away, but it's been tougher than I'd like to admit getting out on the bike ... the energy is there in my head (sort of), and physically I feel fine ... I just can't seem to get going.

Sunday was a perfect example -- supposed to do 2 hours, with 30 minutes race-pace practice. Where do I end up? 1 hour easy, spin down the lakefront and home. No wonder I feel like a slug!

All that changed this morning ... walked out the door for an easy run, and it's 50 degrees! All of a sudden, my head cleared, my spirits rose, and I was gliding along the sidewalk oblivious to the sensations in my legs! Woo-hoo!

On the positive side, this is how I should feel before Natz. On the other hand, have I become that much of a weather wimp that a bit of snow and cold turns me off?

Job hunt update: Thanks again to everyone who has e-mailed with ideas and openings they've seen out there. As Uncle Gary would say "things are popping!", so please send supportive and encouraging thoughts my way over the next week or so! Thanks!

Natz weather update: They're still saying mid-50s and slight chances of rain for Natz this weekend -- can it be true? Will this really be the only non-epic-weather Natz in recent memory? Will it be historical for that very reason?

Natz prediction time: If it really stays dry, or even mostly dry, can anyone see any reason to bet against Ryan and Katie? Unless Trebon pulls a Page and gets himself sick on his trip across the pond, no one else stands a chance ... I just wonder how long he'll give the rest of us until he laps us if he's going that fast?


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mountaingoat said...

Trebon...dude I put all my money on you. Don't let me down.