01 December 2006


Crazy morning in cyber-land.

Weather: No official word yet from race organizers, but Evanston has gotten about 6 inches of snow (according to city officials) and Montrose can't be far behind. Says one of the Turin-ites:
Cancel? Cancel???? BWaaaaaaahahahahaHAHAHAHAAA!!!
No surrender!!!!!!! No prisoners!!!!!!! The WEak will be killed and EATEN!!!
Good on ya' Ben Raby! Raby is wicked fast. And skinny. And a nice guy. Good to see him get picked up next year ... and on Tree Farm's team, no less!

Crock o' bullshit: USADA chief says Jeanson deal reflects 'most likely outcome' of case

But what if the idiot just isn't looking? The importance of being conspicuous

If my coach can do it, why can't I? Armstrong targets Leadville MTB race

This just in: OK, it's official. Dimmick is off his rocker. The race organizer for Montrose says he'll be out tomorrow (Saturday) with his snowblower so we'll have a course. He just didn't get enough last year at Natz! THANK YOU CHRIS! (I still like Anne's suggestion of making the Cat. 4s race first to trample down the track ...)


MadCross said...

I like the idea of the Cat 4 racers going first as well . . . if it means I get to sleep in and start later. Or maybe it could be a ski/cyclocross duathlon. That would be really cool!

velogrrl said...

yeah, I second the Thank You Chris!

I have to think running a snowblower up and down Cricket Hill has gotta be a real workout.... wow.

But the real question is, who is more off their rocker, the guy with the snowblower, or the people riding their bicycles in the snow????