20 December 2006

This is it!!

Well, wish me luck -- my first face-to-face interview is in 90 minutes. Gulp. Pulled out the suit, found some wrinkles, Kim nicely ironed them while I did some last-minute research ... shoes are polished ... tie picked out ... and did I mention that I'm going to a place with casual dress? Can you say sore thumb?! The hiring manager has a pony tail and a cool-looking beard, and here's me looking as clean-cut as I've ever looked in my life!

I'll have pics and stories from Natz soon -- after all, I'm out of a job as of about 1 p.m. on Friday. In the meantime, fingers crossed that things go well ... so far, this job search has been very fruitful, BIG thanks to everyone out there who has called, e-mailed, or otherwise sent along positive energy and job leads!

Oh! and I was all about not doing a countdown this year. Then Tristan called me out at the party on Sunday -- "oh, you're the guy who has that countdown on your blog?" -- and I realized on Monday that no matter how sore my legs feel right now, Kansas City is calling. So on that note ...


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Jim said...

Good luck at the interview. I'm looking forward to the natz report.