28 December 2006

Divine Providence -- The Masters

All the fun kicked off Friday with a whole 'lotta Masters racing ... I picked Kim up at the airport at about 11, took her straight to the venue, and started getting ready. We were set to go off at 3 p.m., just as dusk was starting to fall ...

A short pre-ride at 12:30, a few minutes of recovery, then jump back in the car for a few minutes before the actual warmup. We're sitting there, Kim in the driver's seat, me in the passenger's, Kurt and Beth on the floor ... and my phone rings! Hmmm ... maybe someone back home wishing me good luck?

Nope! It was a job interview! Kim, Kurt and Beth were silent as church mice as I ended up talking to the guy for 20 minutes ... he even wanted to keep talking, but I finally had to tell him that I had a National Championship in a few minutes! It totally took my mind off the upcoming race, so I guess that was good!

Finally, Kurt and I got out together to warm up a bit (he was just getting a feel for the area in anticipation of racing Saturday), and took some trails around the lake to get some off-roading in. Then it was time to stage! I rushed over to staging, met Kim there and dropped off my jacket ...

Video is finally available: http://www.cyclocrossvideos.com/master_men_30-34.html Check out the Cane Creek guy on the front row -- he was totally gunning for the win, and when I saw him on Saturday, he wouldn't even talk about the race ... Oh, and the Fiordifruitti guy is Johannes Huseby, you can hear his supporters cheering him on!

I get some encouragement in seeing just how many places I made up from the first pass by the pits to the second ... just gotta' work on that start!

The start of the Masters 30-34 race. Ours was one of the smaller fields of the day!
This was sort of how I started ... totally unprepared! They weren't even finished with the announcing yet when they blew the whistle!
Most of Kim's photos didn't turn out, as it was getting dark and we just have a point-and-shoot camera. For better photos, check out here and here and here. This is me hitting the Clif Bar run-up, chasing after that guy -- the story of my day!
More chasing ... after a horrible start, I pulled myself inside-out to move from about 70th to finish 30th; a strong move on the last pavement section got me away from the 5 guys I was racing ... not a bad way to end a season!

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