13 December 2006

2 days?!

Oh, wow. 2 days to go. I have everything gathered, just need to put it into the suitcase and bike box. I'm actually ready ... all except for my legs. I ran yesterday morning, felt good, and then last night just couldn't bring myself to ride the trainer. I made it all of 15 minutes before bailing. Thankfully no rain today, so I'll spin down the lakefront tonight -- my last Chicago training ride until "next season"!

Am I ready? Hell yeah baby!

In other news: ABD has announced its new lineup for next year. Frankie, Bryce and Reid have all moved on to bigger and better things (the only confirmation is Bryce, riding for Jelly Belly, but Reid is definitely going pro), and the orange and blue is reloading. Puffer is undecided, so next year the ABD squad is ... the Josh Carter show! Josh and Jeff Schroetlin have made the move, and now form the backbone of a young-look team ... I'll be interested to see if Jeff makes the long trek north each week for all the ABD time trials ...



Shannon said...

Hope everything goes well for you out east. We'll be cheering from here! (Side note: Frankie Dierking is riding for Abercrombie and Fitch Pro Development Team next year. Seems appropriate, yes? :-) See www.infernoracing.org)

Ryan Baumann said...

I s'pose I'll see you at the indoor TT's then, eh?

The Josh Carter show is going to be bomb, don't look away. We're going to have a solid team.