17 November 2006

Random Friday

Random nothingness and everythingness today:

  • Sunday is the Wisconsin and Midwest 'Cross Championships. I love this race -- JPE puts on a quality show at an awesome venue. My best finish is a pair of 9th places the past two years. That said, no matter how much I've hated 'cross, no matter how bad my season has been, it's this race every year that keeps me coming back for more. Bring it on!
  • This year's race pays 7 deep ... mmmm ... money ... And you heard it here first: money this weekend. Strong showing, money? next weekend at JingleCross. And then a medal at the Illinois State Championships. Nothing less will do!
  • I know MountainGoat reads this blog. You know it too -- he's left comments more than once. So why does he continue to leave me off his reading "list"? I think he's playing head games with me. So far, in our last two head-to-head races, I've beaten him. Maybe when he finally gets the better of me, he'll add me back in? (He blames it on bad HTML code. I don't buy it -- bad code only comes from bad programmers.)
  • Up at 3:30 a.m. again today. Unfortunately, nothing to do with bike racing. Yesterday was jeans day at work, and I've decided that jeans need to be in the same category as lycra/spandex: some people should just know better. The nightmares alone ...
  • Anyone know anybody good in PowerPoint? I mean really good? I've got a temp opening next week working on a presentation -- but this person has gotta' be REALLY good. Animation and stuff. Sometimes it's cool to be a manager, I get to delegate the stuff I know how to do to other people ...
  • Other times it's not so fun. Reference the 3:30 a.m. wake-up time today. The countdown has begun ... stay tuned.
  • Good news about being up so early is that I wasn't late to the Friday morning "group spin" ride. Turns out it was just Lou and I, so we went easy and rode the cobbles up to the bike trail, then hit the road home. Good ride, able to shake out the legs a bit after yesterday's wind, and get some extra rest going into Sunday.
  • Did I mention how excited I am for Sunday? I can't wait!!!!


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mountaingoat said...

I've never been on your list so what are you whining about?