15 November 2006

Friggin' Blogger

So I can post photos now, but because I'm in Blogger Beta (aka, Google has taken over my life), I can't post comments to non-Beta blogs. So when I try to send get well good wishes to Steve, no dice. Crap.

Steve, we're thinking about you! Get that surgery DONE and get on with it already!

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Steve Driscoll said...

I am trying! I "believe" we have it penciled in for the second week in December. Three days in the hospital, less than 120 staples (unlikelike last time), a WHILE on crutches, again, and hopefully by then, I have paid for all of my bad deeds in life, and God will let me heal up this time? Keep the cross pics rolling, this will be my 3rd season off the cross bike
: (