19 October 2006

You've come a long way, baby

This could come back to haunt me.

I finally broke down last evening and did a trainer ride -- it wasn't raining that much, but after a morning commute in which my back tire slid out a couple of times, I just wasn't in the mood to mess around. Cross practice was cancelled due to the conditions (don't want to tear up the grass), so it was just me and the TV ...

I queued up the last of the MadCross videos that I purchased, the only one I haven't seen before: 2003. And, oh man, was it painful to watch.

There's me, fighting girth and gravity through the barriers at Lapham Peak in my first race. Or going wheel-for-wheel with Dave Bell at Cam-Rock: he looks so much smoother than me. Or in my first "A" race at Whitewater, where Tristan and others are killing the group and I'm floundering on the super-tough run-up. Or my personal favorite, getting stuck in the mud, right in front of the camera, at Estabrook in the second-worst 'cross race I've ever had.

It's a good thing Renee is so nice (ha, ha), otherwise these images could be out on the Internet somewhere. Oh, wait -- I think they are!

There were some pretty cool moments on the DVD: Rebecca Much in her 'cross debut; JPE suffering over the barriers at Lapham II while the front As were bunny-hopping them; poor Marcie Weiss doing the Whitewater run-up with her BMX bike ...

All in all, it was a great video, and a fun way to pass the trainer time. I just hope the 2006 DVD is more kind to me and my butt!


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MadCross said...

You want more butt shots???? I'm sure I can capture some this weekend (because I'm soooo nice!).