30 October 2006

Yeah Kim!

Check out the super-cool photos of Washington Park on Madcross ... Kim got recruited to shoot the Women's 1/2 and Men's 40 and 50+ races and did a fantastic job! There are some really cool shots in there!

I think Renee may have created a monster, though -- all of a sudden, Kim is thinking digital SLR is in our future maybe ...

It's kind of weird when e-life mixes with real-life; turns out the Alterra guy has a blog that I read pretty regularly ... small world! The Wisconsin guys are pretty prolific all-around -- it seems like everyone in WORS and most of the 'cross world has a blog these days, and they make for fun reading ... I'm thinking Sun Prairie will need to be the first-ever unofficial Cyclocross Blogger Midwest Championships -- JPE, what do you think?

Speaking of blogs, HUGE PROPS to Tristan for his first-ever UCI win! Awesome!



JPEBIKES said...

Well, even good ole JPE has a blog-site (http://www.jpericsson.blogspot.com/). I have not updated it, Ever, but maybe now is a good time to start...but I have NO idea how to upload photos.

Did anyone hear how great the WISCO State CX Champs are are gonna be?? Some folks are gonna love me, and some are gonna hate me.

MadCross said...

Huge thanks to Kim for being the photographer. That was so awesome and the 1/2 Women and 40/50+ appreciate it! And Chris, I'm sorry about her new interest in a digital SLR . . . it only took me 18 wonderful interest free payments to get mine!

Shannon said...

I agree -- Kim's pictures are fantastic. Tell her "Thank you!!" from us.