17 October 2006

"There is no fate but what we make for ourselves"

Do you remember the scene in T3: Rise of the Machines when John Connor and his future wife get tricked into hiding out at "Crystal Peak" to wait out the nuclear attack that changes the world? Do you remember how basically the entire Terminator franchise was based on time travel, and thus a prediction of future events?

Well you heard it here first: the prophecy is coming true.

When Connor and his chick arrive at "Crystal Peak," they find a completely closed-down, old-school fallout-shelter/command center without so much as a Windows operating system to be found. The blast doors are operational, as is the communications system, and after they lock themselves in, they are forced to just listen as Skynet launches a massive attack that virtually wipes out the human race.

Well, the U.S. Government has announced that it is mothballing Cheyenne Mountain. Do military officials not go to the movies? Doesn't anyone else think this is an early warning sign of impending doom?

Other news of the day: The C'ville race made VeloNews! Very cool, and good job to Imelda for getting the word out -- apparently we were in the Daily Herald as well ... Should we get this book for Kaylie for Christmas? I think it's long overdue, and makes a lot of sense -- it will be interesting to see where the pendulum of history puts tattoos in 15 or 20 years ... and finally, even if we can feed ourselves, does that make it a good idea?


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Anonymous said...

The uplift fault that created the Garden o' the Gods in CSprings CO terminates right smack in the middle of Cheyenne Mt! This was God's initial sign that the Defense Dept in America is stooopid! (Don't put gyroscopes and computers and nuclear weapons that may threaten the future of our planet inside a mountain that is split in two by an active geologically tumultuous uplift fault!)

Good riding up the Canyon though.

Signed, Someone Who Cares (about geology)